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ZH150 Automatic Cartoning Machine, Product Description
ZH150 Automatic Cartoning Machine
Product description:
ZH150 Automatic Cartoning Machine is upgrade model of ZH100 automatic cartoning machine, it is interval type cartooning machine, applied for medicine, foodstuff, cosmetic and small vessel packing, can pack different specifications blister, bottle, pillow package, Chinese medicine, little long shaped articles and foodstuff packed into the specified box and seal it.
1. Adopt PLC and Touch Screen operation interface, which can realize man-machine dialogue.
2. All of the electric parts are imported from foreign countries, the pneumatic parts are selected the German “FESTO” brand.
3. The service life of cam is long because its surface is special handled, the cam is designed double sides pressure.
4. Adopt the unique automatic oil lubrication system, which is very advanced in domestic.
5. When overload occurs, the machine can be automatically stopped to keep the machine safe.
6. It can be encased each special size blister package, pillow package (AL-AL), bottle, injection product, oral liquid, suppository, lipstick, cachou, soft AL-Al package, soft encapsule package etc.
7. The leaflet can be automatic folded and inserted into the box, and the batch number can be automatically printed on the box.

ZH150 Automatic Cartoning Machine

ZH150 Automatic Cartoning Machine, Technical Parameters

Packing Speed
60-100 cartons/min
Size of Carton Box (L*W*H)
Total Length of Carton Board
Quality of Carton box
250-350 g/m2
Max size of the leaflet paper(L*W)
210*290 mm
Min size of leaflet paper (L*W)
Quality of Leaflet
60-70 g/m2
Pressure of Compressed Air
0.5-0.7 Mpa
Air Consumption
120-160 L/min
Working Noise
Machine Power
Power Supply
380V 50Hz 3 Ph